Phoebe Cohen, host and creator 

Phoebe is a paleontologist, liberal arts professor, and newbie radio producer. Since being production editor of her high school art/lit zine (where, according to Tamar, she was 'cool'), Phoebe has spent a long time in school learning about rocks and fossils and now enjoys transferring that knowledge on to others.  Phoebe started Female of the Species after many heartfelt and hilarious conversations with women scientist friends at conferences and over Skype, deciding that those conversations deserved a wider audience. You can follow her on twitter at @PhoebeFossil and learn more about her work-work at her website

Tamar Avishai, Producer

Tamar met Phoebe almost 20 years ago on the staff of the high school art/lit zine, when she was an eager freshman and Phoebe was a cool senior.  They only just reconnected a few months ago for the podcast!  In the interim, Tamar graduated high school, earned a couple degrees in art history, dabbled in corporate finance, and went on to become a freelance audio producer.  She is currently the creator and host of The Lonely Palette, and can be found @lonelypalette on Twitter, @thelonelypalette on Instagram, or picking a banjo on her porch. 



Curious about where our title came from? Check out the original poem Female of the Species by Rudyard Kipling and the 'reply' poem by Charlotte Anna Perkins Gilman 

While "female" is in our title, we are a podcast about all people who identify as women, and for everyone regardless of identity. 

Feeling nostalgic? Check out Space's 1996 smash hit of the same name 

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