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"By the way, I listened to the "Female of the Species" podcast. SO GREAT!!! It was exactly what I needed to hear! I was starting to feel really stressed and overwhelmed with this semester which caused an anxiety snowball effect, and I felt SO much better after listening to the podcast! It was SO inspiring ,comforting, and relatable to hear you guys talk about all the ups and downs during grad school and your careers in science as women. It definitely made me feel more connected to the realm of women scientists , and made me that much more motivated to pursue my career. Super awesome idea for a podcast. I immediately subscribed, cannot wait to hear more episodes!"


"I enjoy listening to Female of the Species because it reminds me that many others are going through the same issues and frustrations that I am; it is heartening to be reminded that everyone gets rejections, bad teaching evaluations, and/or bullied (and I love the wild and crazy ways people have of dealing with these things). I also appreciate that this podcast is about the positive things in our lives, not just the science, the papers, the grants, or the general issues facing women in academia, but also hobbies, families, and the rest of life that makes us more than just a research/teaching drone!"